Remember the Past, Create the Future to END BULLYING

SNJGayPride's 2019-2020 Anti-Bullying Campaign Has Officially Kicked Off! 

Featuring NJ Drag Star, Donna Ria. Sponsored by Comcast. Created and produced by Southern New Jersey LGBTQA Pride. 

Take the pledge to end bullying NOW!

Donna Ria Took the Pledge to end bullying

Brave! Bold! Beautiful!

Donna Ria is a New Jersey Drag queen entertainer who has been doing drag for for years August 2018. 

She hosts shows in NJ, Philly and NY. Traveling is what she loves to do with drag! She’s performed in NY with sold out shows and hosts her own monthly bingo brunch in Brooklyn. She is as real as an entertainer gets. 

No shady comments, no disrespect, all truth, all honesty. 

She doesn’t put herself in the middle of drama and bullying is a NO! She is the daughter of legendary Miss Philly LGBT Pride 2017 Tina Montgomery. 

If you want to laugh, have fun and be entertained make sure you make it to a Donna Ria show sometime!  

Want to become a featured speaker to take a stand against bullying? Email us!

Safe Space - A Community Conversation

Safe space training conducted by Hazel Edwards of The Attic Youth Center and hosted by First Baptist Church of Moorestown, NJ.

Bully Free Zone | Stop Bullying


The Movement.

South Jersey LGBTQA Pride is presenting our fourth annual Bully Free Zone campaign as a part of this year’s international pride theme. The purpose of this effort is to shed light on various community LGBTQA members who have been bullied and willing to share their stories, encouraging and educating their peers how to overcome and help stop bullying. 

Our 2018 campaign kicks off on September 1st through December 31st and will include, but not limited to: 


  • Bully prevention, support, and interjection sustained dialogue
  • Bully Free Zone ​posters of South Jersey's leaders and supporters
  • Exclusive newsletters and social medial sharing stories about bullying and how they overcame it  (watch the video above!) 
  • Awareness and prevention brochure distribution
  • Fundraising and community events 
  • Area schools and community/religious organizations also promote this campaign externally and internally 

Want to become a featured speaker to take a stand against bullying? Email us!

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